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At Organic Coatings Ltd. there is a sense of urgency in everything it does. It has set itself a goal of fast track growth and is constantly looking at new ways of achieving it.

One of the critical tools in this game plan of growth is the quality of the manufacturing assets that it owns.

Organic Coatings Ltd., is aware of the impact of manufacturing technology on the ink industry. It has therefore ensured strategic investments in plant and machinery, equipment, tools, quality processes and more, to ensure that it remains at the cutting edge of ink manufacturing.

The company has a modern, fully operational, ISO Certified manufacturing facility in Mumbai.

The shop floor at this facility is testimony to the latest in ink manufacturing technology, with an array of first hand machines from Buhler of Switzerland like the Cobra and K-60’s lined up to perform and deliver.

Whether inks, pigments, flushes, varnishes or print finishes Organic Coatings has full access to the latest and most modern technology to manufacture the same.

The company has set up independent manufacturing lines to simultaneously manufacture the four process colours at any given time.

Driving production is a technology intensive yet service oriented approach, which delivers high quality off the shelf products, as well as a range of tailor-made inks manufactured to maximize pressroom efficiency.

By integrating modern ink manufacturing techniques with the skills of highly competent ink professionals Organic Coatings provides a spectrum of products which stand true to the highest levels of quality and consistency.

These products have time and again proven to have delivered a fast, practical and competitive solution to printing problems.

Today, in a growing and challenging business environment, technology is the company’s competitive edge. An edge which it intends to use to create more value for its customers, as well as, strengthen its market position.