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Organic Coatings Ltd. has always laid emphasis on nurturing a product portfolio, that has the width to cater to industry needs and the depth to to deliver specific solutions, to every individual customer.

With its long standing credentials of serving the commercial printing industry, it can proudly claim to possess a product portfolio that is not just universal, but also one that has kept pace with the changing needs of the printing industry.

With quality being paramount, raw materials of the highest quality go into the creation of a range of inks, varnishes and print finishes.

Moreover, products are manufactured with the aid of a fleet of fourth generation, sophisticated and totally first hand machinery from world leaders, Buhler of Switzerland.

Organic Coatings prides itself on being able to anticipate market needs, translating them into winning products and delivering them to the shop floor.

High-performance process inks, line colours, fast setting work and turn inks, duct fresh inks, high gloss inks, and more, Organic Coatings has a range that meets the need of the contemporary printmaker.

This has been possible due to diligent research, plus the accumulated wisdom of close to half a century of ink how.

Organic Coatings has the distinction of being considered as the pioneers of UV inks and Water based Varnishes in India.

Its portfolio also has a collection of press proven inks for the Offset printing market. It also manufactures a range of Water Based Flexo Inks and inks for printing on non absorbent substrates.

Demonstrating its expertise in ink manufacturing is its range of Speciality Inks and Security products. Complementing this ink offering is its range of Print finishes.

In answer to growing environmental concerns it has also launched a a 100% VOC free Green Ink.

All this points to one simple fact; today’s printer can rely on the Organic Coatings product range, to get solutions that complete the entire printing gamut most professionally.