Organic Coatings Launches 100% VOC free inks - Rich Green

Organic Coatings Ltd., has always prided itself on its rich heritage of strong research and innovative product development. Carrying this tradition ahead is Rich Green Process Inks. Created precisely with the intention of addressing growing environmental issues within the printing ink industry, Organic Coatings has taken it upon itself to create inks that are fully bio-degradable.

Using its very own full fledged and well equipped research and development laboratory, and after a long period of study, trials and examination, it was able to develop a four colour formulation using vegetable oils. This was then translated into Rich Green Process Inks.

Manufactured using raw materials based on renewable resources, these inks have been very aptly called Rich Green Process Inks. These are VOC free inks which makes them totally bio-degradable and thus truly environmental friendly Four Color Inks.

The environment friendly product highlights
• These inks do not contain any petroleum distillate
• The resins used in manufacturing of these inks are formaldehyde free
• Only organic pigments are selected to make these inks

Most importantly, since no petroleum distillate has been used, there is no penetration of the ink in the paper. Hence, it can be totally de-inked from the paper and thus the whole printed paper is available for recycling.